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Starting with a Substitute Teacher

The BoEE has received questions regarding starting the school year with substitute teachers. 

If a district cannot find a teacher who is properly licensed for an open position, a substitute should not be used.  Districts should instead find licensed candidates willing to pursue the necessary coursework and apply for conditional licensure.

Districts may not use a substitute teacher to temporarily cover a position while a 2013 graduate waits to pass the required assessments for licensure.

School districts may only start the year with a substitute teacher under the following conditions:

  • A substitute may fill in for a regularly licensed and contracted teacher who is on extended leave but will be returning.
  • A substitute may fill an unusual last-minute resignation or last-minute new section until the position can be filled. A diligent search will need to be conducted immediately.

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July 12, 2013 at 10:00 am

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