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Starting the School Year With a Substitute Teacher

Questions have arisen regarding the rule about substitute teacher starting the school year:
282—13.16(272) Specific requirements for a substitute teacher’s license.
13.16(3) Authorization. The holder of a substitute license is authorized to teach in any school system in any position in which a regularly licensed teacher was employed to begin the school year except in the driver’s education classroom.


1. What if the teacher is out on medical leave?  Can I start the school year with a substitute teacher?

Yes, the rule indicates that if a regularly licensed teacher (the one out on medical leave) is employed to begin the school year, then  you may place a substitute in the room until the regular teacher returns.

2. What if a teacher quits a few days before the school year starts and I have not had time to find a suitable replacement?  Can I start the school year with a substitute teacher?

The BOEE understands that last minute situations like this may arise.  Thus you may proceed with your standard process of replacing the teacher and use the substitute for the short amount of time that may entail.

3. What if we have to add a new section on the first day of class due to enrollment?

This is similar to the above situation.  If you need to start with a substitute teacher while proceeding quickly to hire the full teacher, the BOEE understands this dilemma. 

4. What if I can’t find a teacher who is appropriately licensed for the open position?  Can I start the school year with a substitute teacher?

No, you should request a Class B or administrative decision license for a teacher who is willing to complete the requirements for the particular position.  This will be in the best interest of the students so they have a teacher who is completing the specific requirements for the content that is being taught.

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