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Hiring New Teachers – Licensure Questions & Answers

How can I verify if a teacher may begin teaching?

  1.  Check if the person holds an Iowa teaching license.
  2. Check the BOEE website: 
  3. With this search function, you will input the person’s name.
  4. If the information is listed on the website that the person has a teaching license, the person may begin working for you in the endorsement areas listed.

What if there is no teaching license listed but I can find a folder number?

If there is no teaching license, the person may not begin teaching.

A folder number only means that a part of the application has been submitted.

Additional information is needed before the license will be issued.

How can I verify this information?

  1. You may contact the BOEE by phone or email.  The staff directory lists the contact information at or you may call the main phone at 515.281.3245. 
  2. They will look up the information that has been submitted.
  3. If all materials have been submitted and the BOEE is just waiting for the FBI background check clearance, the BOEE can issue a temporary permit for this individual.
  4. With a temporary permit, the person may begin teaching.

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