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Talented and Gifted Waiver

What happens to the teachers who were “grandfathered in” to teach talented and gifted students and do not hold the TAG endorsement?

Individuals who were licensed in Iowa prior to August 31, 1995, and were allowed to teach talented and gifted students without completing the endorsement requirements must complete the endorsement requirements by July 1, 2012, in order to teach or continue to teach talented and gifted students.  A waiver provision is offered through the Board of Educational Examiners for individuals who have been successfully teaching in a talented and gifted program. Go to the BOEE website to download the waiver and the FAQ at

The completed waiver must be submitted by June 1, 2012 for review.

Will the BOEE add the TAG endorsement to the licenses of any of the people who have been “grandfathered in”?

The endorsement will be added when the applicant completes the state minimum requirements or the applicant has successfully met the waiver requirements.

Is there an option for a conditional license to teach TAG for those people who do not meet the waiver requirements or the endorsement requirements?

A person may obtain a Class B two year conditional license if the person is fully licensed in one area and has completed 6 of the 12 semester hours of credit necessary for the TAG endorsement.  A person may be eligible for an administrative decision license which is a one year license that authorizes a person to teach TAG while completing the 6 credits necessary for the Class B license.  These applications are located at the BOEE website: 

Additional questions may be directed to Susan Fischer at or 515.281.3605.

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