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Who Can Teach Reading in Iowa?

This fairly simple question has many possible answers. Before it can be answered the school district needs to determine the content and purpose of the course.

Chapter1/Title 1 Reading class: The person teaching this class must have the reading endorsement.

Literature based class: Many courses are called “reading” even though they are language arts or literature based courses. So first ask, is this a literature class? Is an anthology being used? If so, then a person who holds an English endorsement may teach this language arts class.

Reading Skills class: If the primary goal is to teach reading skills then a reading endorsement is required.

Reading Skills taught in a departmentalized setting: If the person holds a K-6 general elementary classroom teaching endorsement, the person may teach the reading skills class in a departmentalized setting through the 6th grade. If the reading skills class is in the 7th or 8th grade, then the person would have to hold the reading endorsement.

The person teaching the reading skills class does not have a reading endorsement: A practitioner must be endorsed in the areas in which they are teaching. A two year conditional license may be obtained if the person has completed 75% of the credits necessary for the reading endorsement.

Free Reading class with no remediation or skill building. If the students receive credit for the class, the teacher must hold the English or reading endorsement. If the class is an exploratory or a class without a credit, then any licensed teacher may teach this class as long as the teacher holds an endorsement at the level of the student.

Second Chance Reading class. If the teacher has completed the Second Chance Reading course AND the students are not being awarded credit for the class, then the Second Chance Reading preparation is sufficient to teach the course. If the students are awarded reading credit, then the teacher must also have the reading endorsement.

Delivered by Special Education teacher. If a special education teacher is responsible for the reading skills class, he or she needs to have a reading endorsement or team teach with an appropriately licensed teacher.

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