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Conditional Licensure

 We are entering the time of the year when administrators are working hard to ensure that each of their teachers is properly licensed to teach the classes they have been assigned for the fall.  With state-wide teacher cutbacks this year, more administrators are having to deal with this issue.

 All currently licensed practioners can receive conditional licensure to teach in an area outside of their current endorsements.  Conditional licensure normally falls into two categories, Class B and Administrative Decisions.  Both applications are $85 and will require an administrator signature.

 Class B:  If the teacher has half of the credits needed for an endorsement in a shortage area or two-thirds of the credits needed in a non shortage area, they are eligible for a two year Class B license.  This license allows them to teach the subject while they continue to take the classes necessary to obtain the full endorsement.  Class B licenses issued for this fall will expire on June 30, 2012.

 Administrative Decisions:  If a teacher does not have the credits necessary for a Class B license, they can apply for the Administrative Decision License.  Applicants in special education, reading, guidance counseling, ESL, teacher librarians, middle school, family and consumer science and PK-3 with special education must submit a program of study from a college or university listing the courses needed and a possible time line for completion.  Additionally, the administrator must show that the district performed due diligence in trying to hire a fully endorsed teacher for the position.  Administrative Decision licenses issued this fall will expire on June 30, 2011.  It is expected that the applicant will then have at least 12 credits and can apply for the Class B license. 

 Applications for both licenses are found on our website at

 You may speak to a consultant about conditional licensure by calling (515) 281-3245.

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